The Food Industry

The Web is revolutionizing numerous industries, from furnishings & farming to fashion. One of the most transformed industries being revolutionized however is the food ….

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The Delivery Revolution

The ‘Next Thing’ in the food industry is in the use of popular apps that simplify online and mobile ordering, making “dining in” even easier and, in some cases, “dining out” irrelevant ….

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The Non GMO Future Trend

Consumers are saying NO to GMOs: In some cases, consumers have made up their minds before scientists have reached consensus, but many restaurant customers are declaring ….

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A Commitment to Your Hospitality Success

In simplest terms, the Modern Food Arts organization is the best hospitality consulting organization in the U.S.. At MFA, we’re purely focused on our your success, and in winning as a top performance organization in the hospitality and food arts industry. Our expertise and 30-years of experience provides expertise and creates client insight and knowledge that supports long-term guaranteed success for every client that we work with.

What’s in it for you? You’ll have a partner you can trust, depend upon, understands your needs, and one that will guide you through the process of creating business success! We will fully develop your new concept, products, executing strategies and new operational standards, while mentoring you each step of the way! Our relationships with our clients inspires and drives every aspect of our consulting practice.

Check out our services at – you can email Steven directly at as well for a free, no-obligation advisement discussion.

Modern Food Arts Industry Articles 

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Market My Restaurant

How Do I Market My Restaurant
One of the least understood realities in marketing for restaurants is that as a restaurateur, you’re in the people business, not the product business….


I Need Help for My Restaurant 
I can’t tell you how often we hear clients say “I need help for my local restaurant” because they don’t understand what they’re doing….

Building the Best Restaurant

Restaurant Start Up Consultants

Have you given your soon to be developed or existing restaurant business the most essential edge for success that is available to all, but….

Affordable Luxury & Hospitality Success

Who Can Help Me With My Restaurant in Baltimore 

This is the question we here constantly, whether in Baltimore, Washington DC, Canada, North Carolina or the Caribbean. Entrepreneurs….

Local Restaurant Success

I The Most Effective Business Advisor for My Restaurant 

For those who already own and operate your own restaurant or who may be considering opening your own restaurant in the future….


Building the Best Restaurant 

From the initial conceptual stages to seeing the first meal and beverage served. All who know and understand this….

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Advanced Knife Cuts

Instructional Knife Skills – Zwilling J.A. Henckels


Recent Projects

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Kettle Hill Restaurant

Kettle Hill Restaurant

A Farm to Table phenomenon serving local ingredients and hand-crafted cocktails in a stunning environment. Although Power Plant live has in the past been a haven for the Jersey Shore…

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Pizza is a flatbread generally topped with tomato sauce and cheese and baked in an oven. It is commonly topped with a selection of meats, vegetables and condiments. The term…

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A 26,000 square-foot "Theatre Restaurant, with Retail, Mixology Center & Private Dining. New York sets the tempo for the world, and now Times Square has a restaurant that can keep…

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